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महात्मा गाँधी जिन किताबों को पढ़ते थे

महात्मा गाँधी अंतर्राष्ट्रीय हिंदी विश्वविद्यालय की वेबसाईट ‘हिंदी समय’ पर तेजी ईशा ने उन पुस्तकों की सूची प्रस्तुत की है जो महात्मा गाँधी पढ़ा करते थे. हमने सोचा अपने पाठकों से भी साझा कर लें- मॉडरेटर.

Abott, Lyman: What Christianity Means To Me: A Spiritual Autobiography
Advice To A Mother
Joseph Addison: Essays
Rev. T.: James: Aesop’s Fables
AIi, Amir: History of The Saracens
Ali, Amir Syed: Spirit of Islam: A History of The Evolution and Ideals of Islam
Allison, Dr, T. R.: Hygienic Medicine
Allison, Dr: T. R.: Writings on Health and Hygiene
Andrew, Charles Freer: What I Owe To Christ
Andrews, Charles Freer: Zaka Ullah of Delhi
Annual Report of The Inspector of Education in Basutoland, 1909-19
Arab Wisdom: Wisdom of the East series
Arnold, Edwin: Indian Idylls
Arm of God
Arnold, Edwin: Japan via Land and Sea
Arnold, Edwin: Life Beyond Death
Arnold, Edwin: Light of Asia; Or The Great Renunciation
Arnold, Edwin: Seas and Lands
Arnold, Edwin: The Song Celestial Or Bhagavadgita
Bacon, Francis: Bacon’s Essays with Annotations
Bacon, Francis: Wisdom of The Ancients
Bell: Standard Elocutionist
Bellamy, Edward: Equality
Bentham, Jeremy: Theory of Utility
Besant, Annie Wood: How I Became A Theosophist
Bhgavad Gita
Bhagavan Das: Science of Peace
Bhatt, Nrisinhprasad Kalidas: Biography of The Prophet
Bhattacharya: Indian Castes
Bible Yew of The World Martyrs
Bible Story
Blavatsky, Helene Petrovna (Hahn-Hahn): The Key To Theosophy
Blount: New Crusade
Boehmen, Jacob: Super Sensual Life
Birla, G:D:: Birla’s Book on Currency
Brailsford, Henry Noel: Rebel India
Brierly, J.: Ourselves and the Universe
Broom: Common Law
Browning: Christmas Eve
Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker: The Chinese Children Next Door
Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker: Good Earth
Buckle, Henry Thomas: History of Civilization in Europe
Buhler, George: The Laws of Manu
Bunyan, John: Pilgrim’s Progress
Bureau, Paul: Towards Moral Bankruptcy
Burnes, Delisle Berne: Democracy
Butler, Joseph: Bishop of Durham : Analogy of Religion Natural and Revealed to the Constitution and Course of Nature
Calthrop, M. M.C.: Crusade
Cambridge History of Scotland
Candle of Vision
Carlyle, Thomas: French Revolution: A History
Carlyle, Thomas: Life of Burns
Carlyle, Thomas: Life of Johnson
Carlyle, Thomas: Life of Scott
Carlyle, Thomas: Lives
Carlyle, Thomas: On Heroes, Hero Worship and The Heroic in History
Carlyle, Thomas: Past and Present Carnegie, Andrew: Round The World
Carpenter, Edward: Civilization : Its Cause and Cure
From Adams Peak To Elephanta
Carus, Paul: Gospel of Buddha
Chakravarti, Atulananda: Hindus and Muslims of India
Chatterjee, Ramananda: The Golden Book of Tagore
Childbirth and Obstetrics
Christianity in Practice
The Coming Struggle For Power
Constipation and Our Civilization
Coomaraswamy, Ananda Kentish: Essays in National Education
Coomaraswamy, Ananda Kentish: Essays in National Idealism
Cox, George W: Crusades
A Word To Gandhi: The Lesson of Ireland
Cunningham, J. D.: History of The Sikhs’ From The Origin of The Nation To The Battles of The Sutlej
Dadachanji: Zend-Avesta
DeFoe, Daniel: Robinson Crusoe
Dickens, Charles: A Tale of Two Cities
Dickinson, Goldsworthy Lowes: Letters From John Chinaman
Digby, William: Prosperous British India: A Revelation From Official Records
Doke, Joseph John: The Secret City
Dr Carton’s Thesis on Consumption
Drummond, Henry: The Greatest Thing in The World
Drummond, Henry: Natural Law in The Spiritual World
Durant, Will: Case For India
Dutt, Romesh Chunder: Economic History of India Under Early British Rule
Dwivedi, M: N: Rajyoga
Eddy, Mrs: Mrs: Eddy’s Works (Of Christian Science)
Edward: Real Property
Essence of The Koran
Farrar, Rev: Fredric William: Seekers After God
Finot: Race Prejudice
Food Remedies
Geddes, Sir Patrick: Cities in Evolution: An Introduction To The Town Planning Movement and To The Study of Civics
Ghose, Aurobindo: Eight Upanishads
Ghose, Aurobindo: Gita: With Text, Translation and Notes
Gibbon, Edward: Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von: Faust
Gokhale, Gopal Krishna: Speeches of Gopal Krishna Gokhale
Gospel and The Plaugh
Govindacharya, Alkondaville: Life of Ramanuja
Guizot: European Civilization
Haeckel, Ernst: Evolution of Man (A Popular Scientific Study)
Haribhadra, Suri: Shaddharshana Samuchchaya Granth
Hassan: Saints of lslam
Hayes: Book of The Cow
Hayes, Will: Essence of Hinduism
Hayes, Will: Indian Bibles
Heath: Astronomy
Henry (A Police Officer): Finger Impressions
Henry, Sir: Sir Henry’s Book on Castes
Hoare, Samuel: The Fourth Seal
Holmes: Freedom and Growth
Homer: Iliad of Homer
Hopkins, E. Washburn: Origin and Evolution of Religion
How to Launder
Hughes, Thomas: Tom Brown’s School Days; By An Old Boy
Hugo, Victor: Les Miserables
Hugo, Victor: Ninety Three
Hunter, William Wilson: History of British India
Hunter, William Wilson: Indian Empire: Its People, History and Products
Huxley, T:H:: On Education
Imam, Saheb: Biography of The Prophet
Irving, Washington: Life and Voyages of Christopher Colombus
Irving, Washington: Life of Mahomet and His Successors
Ishopanishad: Arvind’s Commentary
Iyer: Foreign Exchange
Jacolliot, M: Louis: Bible in India
Jaikrishna, Vyas: Panchikaran
Jain, Champakrai: Confluence of Religions
James: Our Hellenic Heritage
James, William: Varieties of Religious Experiences
Jamia: Kimiyagar
Jamia: Urdu PIays: Shareef Ladka and Kheti
Jeans, James Hopwood: Mysterious Universe
Just, Adolf: Return To Nature
Kabir : Kabir’s Songs
Kaye, John William and George Bruce Malleson: Kaye’s and Malleson’s History of The Indian Mutiny: 1857-1858
Keay: Hindu Astronomy
Kharas: Astronomy
Kharas: Swadhynya Samhita
Khayyam, Omar: Rubajyat of Omar Khayyam
Kidd, Benjamin: Social Evolution
Kingsford, Anna and Edward Maitland: The Bible’s Own Account of Itself
Kingsford, Anna and Edward Maitland: Clothed With The Sun
Kingsford, Anna and Edward Maitland: Perfect Way in Diet: The Finding of Christ
Kingsford, Anna and Edward Maitland: Story of The New Gospel of Interpretation
Kingsley: Eastward Ho
Kingsley: Westward Ho
Kingsley: Money
Kipling, Rudyard: Barrack-Room Ballads
Kipling, Rudyard: Jungle Book
Kiritkar, Vasudev: Studies in Vedanta
Kuhne, Dr.: of Leipzig: Hydrotherapy
Kumarappa, Joseph Cornelius: Survey of Matar Taluka
Lane, Edward William: Arabian Nights
Lansbury’s Life
Lavator: Physiognomy
Leadbeater, Charles Webster: Writings
Lecky, William Edward Hartpole: History of European Morals From Augustus To Charlemagne
Life of John Howard
Life of Tolstoy
Lin-V-Tang: Lin-U-Tang’s Book
Llewellyn, Richard: How Green Was My Valley
Locaire: Astronomy
Lodge, Oliver: Modern Problems
Lucian: Trips To The Moon
Macaulay, Thomas B.: Lays of Ancient Rome
Macauliffe, Max Arthur: Sikh Religion: Its Gurus, Sacred Writings and Authors
Macdonald, George: Cibble
MacDonald, R: Travelolgue
Madan: Fasting
Maeterlinck, Maurice: Magic of The Stars
Maine, Henry James Sumner: Village Communities in The East and West
Maitland, Edward: New Interpretation of The Bible
Mander: Astronomy Without A Telescope
Manu: Manusmriti
Marx, Karl: Capital: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production
Masani: Conference of The Birds
Masani, Rustom Pestonji: Religion of The Good Life: Zoroastrianism
The Master and His Teachings
Mayne, John Dawson: Civil Procedure Code
Mayne, John Dawson: Treatise on Hindu Law and Usage
Mayo, Katherine: Mother India
Mazzini, Giuseppe: The Duties of Man and Other Essays
Mehta, J. P.: Vernaculars As Media of Instruction in Indian Schools and Colleges
Milton, John: Lycidas: The Tradition and The Poem
Modi, P. N.: Bhagavadgita: A Fresh Approach
Morley, John Morley: Life of William Ewart Gladstone
Morley, John: On Compromise
Morley, John Viscount: Recollections
Motley, John Lothrop: Rise of The Dutch Republic: A History
Moulton: Early Zoroastrianism
Muller, Friedrich Max: India: What Can It Teach Us?
Muller, Friedrich Max: Upanishads
Musings of St: Theresa
Muller, Friedrich Max: Upanishads
Musings of St. Theresa
Naoroji, Dadabhai: Admission of Educated Natives Into The Indian Civil Service
Naoroji, Dadabhai: England’s Duty To India
Financial Administration of India
Poverty and Un-British Rule in India
Natesan, Ganapati Agraharam: What India Wants: Autonomy Within The Empire
Natural History of Birds
Nehru, Jawaharlal: Glimpses of World History
Newcome: Astronomy
Nicholson: Mystics of Islam
Nivedita: Cradle Tales of Hinduism
Nordau, Max: Paradoxes of Civilization
Page , Kirby: War: Its Causes, Consequences and Cure
Parker, Dr: Commentaries
Patanjali: Yogasutras of Patanjali
Patel, Narasinhbhai Ishwarbhai: Letters of Narasinhbhai
Persian, Mystics: Wisdom Of The East Series
Pherwani, Shivram: Social Efficiency
Philo Christus: Pro Christo Ht Ecclesia
Pierson, Arthur Tappan: Many Infallible Proofs: The Evidences of Christianity Or The Written and Living Word of God
Plato: Defense and Death of Socrates
Plato: Dialogues of Plato
Pope, George Uglow: First Lessons in Tamil
Prophet’s Message To The West
Ramanathan: Speech on Khadi
Ranade, Mahadeo Govind and R T: Telang: Rise of The Maratha Power and Other Essays and Gleanings From Maratha Chronicles
Report of The Committee on Co-operation in India: 1917
Reports of Herschel and Other Committees
Rhys Davids, Thomas William: Lectures on Buddhism
Rolland, Romain: Life of Ramakrishna
Rolland, Romain: Life of Vivekananda and The Universal Gospel
Rosebery: The Life of Pitt
Rosicrucian Mysteries
Rothenstein: Ruin of Egypt
Ruskin, John: Crown of Wild Olives: Four Lectures on Industry and War
Ruskin, John: Fors Clavilgera Letters To The Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain
Ruskin, John: Joy For Ever and Its Price in The Market
Ruskin, John: Sesame and Lilies : Three Lectures
Ruskin, John: St: George’s Guild
Ruskin, John: Unto This Last: Four Essays on The First Principles of Political Economy
Saadi, Shaikh: Gulistan Or Rose Garden
Saadi, Shaikh: The Way of Zoraster
Saheb, Imam: Life of Nabi Saheb (Sirat-un-Nabi)
Salmin, Al Haj: Imam Hussain
Salmin, Al Haj: Khalifa Ally
Salt, Henry Stephens: A Plea For Vegetarianism and Other Essays
Salter, WiIliam MacIntyre: Ethical Religion
Salvemini, Gaetano: Mussolini
Sarkar, Jadunath: Shivaji and His Times
Schopenhaaver: Upanishads
Second and Third Urdu Reade
Secret Medicines
Seely, John Robert: Expansion of England
Seen and Heard in A Punjab Village
Shah, K. T.: Federal Finance
Shah, K. T.: Indian Currency and Exchange Banking
Shakespeare, William: Richard The Third
Shankh Ane Kodi
Shanna, Abhayadev: Vaidik Vinaya
Shaw, George Bernard: Man and Superman: A Comedy and A Philosophy
Shelley, Percy Bysshe: Shelley’s Works
Shibli, Maulana: Life of The Prophet
Shibli, Maulana: Sirat-On-Nabi
Shriman Narayan, Agarwal: Gandhian Constitution For Free India
Sinclair, Upton: Wet Parade
Sir Jean: Astronomy
Six Systems of Hindu Philosophy
Slocomb’s Book
Snell: Equity
Socrates: Socrates’ Works
Sohravorthy, Abdulla: Sayings of Mahomed
Sound of Heaven
Spencer, Herbert: The Principles of Sociology
St. Paul in Greece
Steps To Christianity
Stevenson, Robert Louis: Strange Case of Or Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables
Stevenson, Robert Louis: Virginbus Puerisque and Other Papers
Stories From The History of Rome
Swift, Jonathan: Guilliver’s Travels
Tagore, Rabindranath: Golden Book of Tagore
Tagore, Rabindranath: Sadhana: The Realization of Life
Taylor: Gujarati Grammar
Taylor, Thomas: Fallacy of Speed
Tennyson, Alfred: The Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson
Text Book of Indian History
Thackeray, William Makepeace: Vanity Fair- A Novel Without A Hero
Thadani: Thadani’s Poem
Thakur: Indian Administration
Theology in English Poets
Thompson, Edward W: Other Side of The Medal
Thompson, Francis: Hound of Heaven
Thoreau, Henry David: Life Without Principle
Thoreau, Henry David: On The Duty of Civil Disobedience
Thoreau, Henry David: Walden and Civil Disobedience
Tilak, Bal Gangadhar: Hindu Philosophy of Life, Ethics and Religion, Omtat-sat Srimad Bhagavadgita Rahasya Or Karma-Yoga Shastra
Tilak, Bal Gangadhar: Orion Or Researches Into The Antiquity of The Vedas
Tolstoy, Countess: Defense
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: Complete Works of Count Tolstoy
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: Essays and Letters
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: The First Step
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: The Gospel in Brief
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: How Shall We Escape
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: Ivan The Fool
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: The Kingdom of God Is Within You
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: Letter To A Hindoo
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: Letters To Russian Liberals
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: My Confession
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: Relation of The Sexes
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: Slavery of Our Times
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: What I Believe
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: What Is Art
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: What Shall We Do Then
Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: What To Do
Trine: My Philosophy and Religion
Vegetarian Messenger
Verne, Jules: Dropped From The Clouds
Vivekananda, Swami: Raja Yoga Or Conquering The Internal Nature
Wadia, Ardaser Sorabjee N: Message of Christ
Wadia, Ardaser Sorabjee N: Message of Mahomed
Wadia, Prof: Southern Cross
The Way of The Buddha
Way of The Cross
The Way To Be in Life
Webb, Alfred: Alfred Webb’s Collection on Indian Civilization
Wells, Herbert George: The Outline of History: Being A Plain History of Life and Mankind
What War Means?
White and Tudor: Leading Cases in Equity
Wilberforce: Five Empires
Wilde, Oscar: Complete Works of Oscar Wilde
Williams, Howard: Ethics of Diet
William, Joshua: Principles of The Law of Real Property
Woodroffe, John George: Shakti and Shakta: Essays and Addresses on The Shakta Tantrashastra
Wordsworth, William: Poems
Yogavasishtha: Mumukshu Prakaran
Young Crusader
Zarathustra: Sayings of Zarathustra
पंचवटी : मैथिलीशरण गुप्त

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