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Lata:Sur Gatha- Blunder or Wonder

Attacks and counterattacks, world of literarture is not untouched by this but what matters is identification of right and wrong. Day before yesterday there was an article by Ashutosh Bhardwaj on book written on Lata’s musical journey by Yatindra Mishra.( LATA:SUR GATHA)  He unbiasedly touched those points which were left during all the appreciation book received and buzz it created. Today Prakash K.Ray, a senior writer and journalist, has an answer to that critical review. Lets read what he has to say-  Divya Vijay



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  1. An opinion, perhaps, can be expressed, second hand, even on opinion expressed on a creative work which then has its relevance exclusively in relation to the expressed opinion, and not the creative work as such. I read the opinion, though not the work itself, & found it appealing. A biography – and of an artist- must reveal the core of the personality, including its unlighted crevices, some of which are already in public knowledge. That adds to the roundness & value of the ‘criticism’ ( not a good word here!). Bhardwaj appears to have argued his case convincingly.

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